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The XrSceneComponentMSFT structure is defined as:

// Provided by XR_MSFT_scene_understanding
typedef struct XrSceneComponentMSFT {
    XrSceneComponentTypeMSFT    componentType;
    XrUuidMSFT                  id;
    XrUuidMSFT                  parentId;
    XrTime                      updateTime;
} XrSceneComponentMSFT;


Member Descriptions
  • componentType is the XrSceneComponentTypeMSFT of the scene component.

  • id is the XrUuidMSFT of the scene component.

  • parentId is the XrUuidMSFT of the parent scene object. If the scene component does not have a parent, then parentId will be equal to zero.

  • updateTime is the XrTime that this scene component was last updated.


The runtime must set parentId to either zero or a valid XrUuidMSFT that corresponds to a scene component of type XR_SCENE_COMPONENT_TYPE_OBJECT_MSFT that exists in the XrSceneMSFT.


The parent scene object is intended to allow scene components to be grouped. For example, the scene object for a wall might have multiple scene component children like XR_SCENE_COMPONENT_TYPE_PLANE_MSFT, XR_SCENE_COMPONENT_TYPE_VISUAL_MESH_MSFT, and XR_SCENE_COMPONENT_TYPE_COLLIDER_MESH_MSFT. Those child scene components would be alternative representations of the same wall.

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