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The XrSceneComputeConsistencyMSFT enumeration identifies the different scene compute consistencies that may be passed to xrComputeNewSceneMSFT.

// Provided by XR_MSFT_scene_understanding
typedef enum XrSceneComputeConsistencyMSFT {
} XrSceneComputeConsistencyMSFT;


Enumerant Descriptions
  • XR_SCENE_COMPUTE_CONSISTENCY_SNAPSHOT_COMPLETE_MSFT. The runtime must return a scene that is a consistent and complete snapshot of the environment, inferring the size and shape of objects as needed where the objects were not directly observed, in order to generate a watertight representation of the scene.

  • XR_SCENE_COMPUTE_CONSISTENCY_SNAPSHOT_INCOMPLETE_FAST_MSFT. The runtime must return a consistent snapshot of the scene with meshes that do not overlap adjacent meshes at their edges, but may skip returning objects with XrSceneObjectTypeMSFT of XR_SCENE_OBJECT_TYPE_INFERRED_MSFT in order to return the scene faster.

  • XR_SCENE_COMPUTE_CONSISTENCY_OCCLUSION_OPTIMIZED_MSFT. The runtime may react to this value by computing scenes more quickly and reusing existing mesh buffer IDs more often to minimize app overhead, with potential tradeoffs such as returning meshes that are not watertight, meshes that overlap adjacent meshes at their edges to allow partial updates in the future, or other reductions in mesh quality that are less observable when mesh is used for occlusion only.

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