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The application creates a hand mesh space using function xrCreateHandMeshSpaceMSFT. The position and normal of hand mesh vertices will be represented in this space.

// Provided by XR_MSFT_hand_tracking_mesh
XrResult xrCreateHandMeshSpaceMSFT(
    XrHandTrackerEXT                            handTracker,
    const XrHandMeshSpaceCreateInfoMSFT*        createInfo,
    XrSpace*                                    space);


Parameter Descriptions


A hand mesh space location is specified by runtime preference to effectively represent hand mesh vertices without unnecessary transformations. For example, an optical hand tracking system can define the hand mesh space origin at the depth camera’s optical center.

An application should create separate hand mesh space handles for each hand to retrieve the corresponding hand mesh data. The runtime may use the lifetime of this hand mesh space handle to manage the underlying device resources. Therefore, the application should destroy the hand mesh handle after it is finished using the hand mesh.

The hand mesh space can be related to other spaces in the session, such as view reference space, or grip action space from the /interaction_profiles/khr/simple_controller interaction profile. The hand mesh space may be not locatable when the hand is outside of the tracking range, or if focus is removed from the application. In these cases, the runtime must not set the XR_SPACE_LOCATION_POSITION_VALID_BIT and XR_SPACE_LOCATION_ORIENTATION_VALID_BIT bits on calls to xrLocateSpace with the hand mesh space, and the application should avoid using the returned poses or query for hand mesh data.

If the underlying XrHandTrackerEXT is destroyed, the runtime must continue to support xrLocateSpace using the hand mesh space, and it must return space location with XR_SPACE_LOCATION_POSITION_VALID_BIT and XR_SPACE_LOCATION_ORIENTATION_VALID_BIT unset.

The application may create a mesh space for the reference hand by setting XrHandPoseTypeInfoMSFT::handPoseType to XR_HAND_POSE_TYPE_REFERENCE_OPEN_PALM_MSFT. Hand mesh spaces for the reference hand must only be locatable in reference to mesh spaces or joint spaces of the reference hand.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
Return Codes
On success, this command returns


On failure, this command returns










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