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The xrEnumerateBoundSourcesForAction function is defined as:

// Provided by XR_VERSION_1_0
XrResult xrEnumerateBoundSourcesForAction(
    XrSession                                   session,
    const XrBoundSourcesForActionEnumerateInfo* enumerateInfo,
    uint32_t                                    sourceCapacityInput,
    uint32_t*                                   sourceCountOutput,
    XrPath*                                     sources);


Parameter Descriptions
  • session is the XrSession being queried.

  • enumerateInfo is an XrBoundSourcesForActionEnumerateInfo providing the query information.

  • sourceCapacityInput is the capacity of the array, or 0 to indicate a request to retrieve the required capacity.

  • sourceCountOutput is a pointer to the count of sources, or a pointer to the required capacity in the case that sourceCapacityInput is insufficient.

  • sources is a pointer to an application-allocated array that will be filled with the XrPath values for all bound sources. It can be NULL if sourceCapacityInput is 0.

  • See Buffer Size Parameters chapter for a detailed description of retrieving the required sources size.


If an action is unbound, xrEnumerateBoundSourcesForAction must assign 0 to the value pointed-to by sourceCountOutput and not modify the array.

xrEnumerateBoundSourcesForAction must return XR_ERROR_ACTIONSET_NOT_ATTACHED if passed an action in an action set never attached to the session with xrAttachSessionActionSets.

As bindings for actions do not change between calls to xrSyncActions, xrEnumerateBoundSourcesForAction must enumerate the same set of bound sources, or absence of bound sources, for a given query (defined by the enumerateInfo parameter) between any two calls to xrSyncActions.


The XrPath bound sources returned by the runtime are opaque values and should not be inspected or persisted. They are only intended for use in conjunction with xrGetInputSourceLocalizedName.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • session must be a valid XrSession handle

  • enumerateInfo must be a pointer to a valid XrBoundSourcesForActionEnumerateInfo structure

  • sourceCountOutput must be a pointer to a uint32_t value

  • If sourceCapacityInput is not 0, sources must be a pointer to an array of sourceCapacityInput XrPath values

Return Codes
On success, this command returns


On failure, this command returns








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