C Specification

The xrWaitSwapchainImage function is defined as:

// Provided by XR_VERSION_1_0
XrResult xrWaitSwapchainImage(
    XrSwapchain                                 swapchain,
    const XrSwapchainImageWaitInfo*             waitInfo);


Parameter Descriptions
  • swapchain is the swapchain from which to wait for an image.

  • waitInfo is a pointer to an XrSwapchainImageWaitInfo structure.


Before an application begins writing to a swapchain image, it must first wait on the image, to avoid writing to it before the compositor has finished reading from it. xrWaitSwapchainImage will implicitly wait on the oldest acquired swapchain image which has not yet been successfully waited on. Once a swapchain image has been successfully waited on without timeout, the app must release before waiting on the next acquired swapchain image.

This function may block for longer than the timeout specified in XrSwapchainImageWaitInfo due to scheduling or contention.

If the timeout expires without the image becoming available for writing, XR_TIMEOUT_EXPIRED must be returned. If xrWaitSwapchainImage returns XR_TIMEOUT_EXPIRED, the next call to xrWaitSwapchainImage will wait on the same image index again until the function succeeds with XR_SUCCESS. Note that this is not an error code; XR_SUCCEEDED(XR_TIMEOUT_EXPIRED) is true.

The runtime must eventually relinquish ownership of a swapchain image to the application and must not block indefinitely.

The runtime must return XR_ERROR_CALL_ORDER_INVALID if no image has been acquired by calling xrAcquireSwapchainImage.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
Return Codes
On success, this command returns



On failure, this command returns






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