Khronos glTF Registry

The glTF registry contains the specification of the glTF — runtime 3D asset delivery format.

glTF Specification

The current version of glTF is 2.0:

  • The glTF 2.0.1 specification in PDF and HTML.

The glTF 2.0 specification is regularly updated with clarifications, formatting improvements, and other backwards compatible bug fixes. Every such update increments the patch version number that can be found on the specification front page, e.g., 2.0.0 incremented to 2.0.1.

The AsciiDoc source of the specification is found in the glTF specification repository. Changes to the specification should be proposed in GitHub issues or pull requests in that repository.

Previous versions of glTF:

  • glTF 1.0 Specification in Markdown (rendered by GitHub).

glTF Extension Registry

Extensions for glTF 2.0 are in Markdown format (rendered by GitHub).

Providing Feedback on the Registry and Specification

Khronos welcomes comments and issue reports.

To provide feedback on the glTF Specification, file an issue in the KhronosGroup/glTF GitHub project.

To provide feedback on the glTF registry itself (such as reporting missing content, bad links, etc.), file an issue in the glTF-Registry GitHub project.