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  • Dave Airlie, Red Hat

  • Pierre Boudier, NVIDIA

  • James Jones, NVIDIA

  • Damien Leone, NVIDIA

  • Pierre-Loup Griffais, Valve

  • Liam Middlebrook, NVIDIA

  • Daniel Vetter, Intel


This extension allows an application to take exclusive control on a display currently associated with an X11 screen. When control is acquired, the display will be deassociated from the X11 screen until control is released or the specified display connection is closed. Essentially, the X11 screen will behave as if the monitor has been unplugged until control is released.

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1) Should vkAcquireXlibDisplayEXT take an RandR display ID, or a Vulkan display handle as input?

RESOLVED: A Vulkan display handle. Otherwise there would be no way to specify handles to displays that had been prevented from being included in the X11 display list by some native platform or vendor-specific mechanism.

2) How does an application figure out which RandR display corresponds to a Vulkan display?

RESOLVED: A new function, vkGetRandROutputDisplayEXT, is introduced for this purpose.

3) Should vkGetRandROutputDisplayEXT be part of this extension, or a general Vulkan / RandR or Vulkan / Xlib extension?

RESOLVED: To avoid yet another extension, include it in this extension.

Version History

  • Revision 1, 2016-12-13 (James Jones)

    • Initial draft

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