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  • Christophe Riccio, LunarG

  • Mark Lobodzinski, LunarG

  • Charles Giessen, LunarG

  • Spencer Fricke, LunarG

  • Juan Ramos, LunarG

  • Daniel Rakos, RasterGrid

  • Shahbaz Youssefi, Google

  • Lina Versace, Google

  • Bill Hollings, The Brenwill Workshop

  • Jon Leech, Khronos

  • Tom Olson, Arm


This extension provides a mechanism for configuring programmatically through the Vulkan API the behavior of layers.

This extension provides the VkLayerSettingsCreateInfoEXT struct that can be included in the pNext chain of the VkInstanceCreateInfo structure passed as the pCreateInfo parameter of vkCreateInstance.

The structure contains an array of VkLayerSettingEXT structure values that configure specific features of layers.


VK_EXT_layer_settings is implemented by the Vulkan Profiles layer.

It allows the profiles layer tests used by the profiles layer C.I. to programmatically configure the layer for each test without affecting the C.I. environment, allowing to run multiple tests concurrently.

const char* profile_file_data = JSON_TEST_FILES_PATH "VP_KHR_roadmap_2022.json";
const char* profile_name_data = "VP_KHR_roadmap_2022";
VkBool32 emulate_portability_data = VK_TRUE;
const char* simulate_capabilities[] = {
const char* debug_reports[] = {

const VkLayerSettingEXT settings[] = {
     {kLayerName, kLayerSettingsProfileFile, VK_LAYER_SETTING_TYPE_STRING_EXT, 1, &profile_file_data},
     {kLayerName, kLayerSettingsProfileName, VK_LAYER_SETTING_TYPE_STRING_EXT, 1, &profile_name_data},
     {kLayerName, kLayerSettingsEmulatePortability, VK_LAYER_SETTING_TYPE_BOOL32_EXT, 1, &emulate_portability_data},
     {kLayerName, kLayerSettingsSimulateCapabilities, VK_LAYER_SETTING_TYPE_STRING_EXT,
        static_cast<uint32_t>(std::size(simulate_capabilities)), simulate_capabilities},
     {kLayerName, kLayerSettingsDebugReports, VK_LAYER_SETTING_TYPE_STRING_EXT,
        static_cast<uint32_t>(std::size(debug_reports)), debug_reports}

const VkLayerSettingsCreateInfoEXT layer_settings_create_info{
    static_cast<uint32_t>(std::size(settings)), settings};

VkInstanceCreateInfo inst_create_info = {};
inst_create_info.pNext = &layer_settings_create_info;
vkCreateInstance(&inst_create_info, nullptr, &_instances);

The VK_EXT_layer_settings extension subsumes all the functionality provided in the VK_EXT_validation_flags extension and the VK_EXT_validation_features extension.

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  • Extending VkStructureType:



  • How should application developers figure out the list of available settings?

This extension does not provide a reflection API for layer settings. Layer settings are described in each layer JSON manifest and the documentation of each layer which implements this extension.

Version History

  • Revision 1, 2020-06-17 (Mark Lobodzinski)

    • Initial revision for Validation layer internal usages

  • Revision 2, 2023-09-26 (Christophe Riccio)

    • Refactor APIs for any layer usages and public release

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