C Specification

The VkDeviceFaultCountsEXT structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_EXT_device_fault
typedef struct VkDeviceFaultCountsEXT {
    VkStructureType    sType;
    void*              pNext;
    uint32_t           addressInfoCount;
    uint32_t           vendorInfoCount;
    VkDeviceSize       vendorBinarySize;
} VkDeviceFaultCountsEXT;


  • sType is a VkStructureType value identifying this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • addressInfoCount is the number of VkDeviceFaultAddressInfoEXT structures describing either memory accesses which may have caused a page fault, or the addresses of active instructions at the time of the fault.

  • vendorInfoCount is the number of VkDeviceFaultVendorInfoEXT structures describing vendor-specific fault information.

  • vendorBinarySize is the size in bytes of a vendor-specific binary crash dump, which may provide additional information when imported into external tools.


Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkDeviceFaultCountsEXT-sType-sType

  • VUID-VkDeviceFaultCountsEXT-pNext-pNext
    pNext must be NULL

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