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The VkQueueFamilyCheckpointProperties2NV structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_KHR_synchronization2 with VK_NV_device_diagnostic_checkpoints
typedef struct VkQueueFamilyCheckpointProperties2NV {
    VkStructureType          sType;
    void*                    pNext;
    VkPipelineStageFlags2    checkpointExecutionStageMask;
} VkQueueFamilyCheckpointProperties2NV;


  • sType is a VkStructureType value identifying this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • checkpointExecutionStageMask is a mask indicating which pipeline stages the implementation can execute checkpoint markers in.


Additional queue family information can be queried by setting VkQueueFamilyProperties2::pNext to point to a VkQueueFamilyCheckpointProperties2NV structure.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkQueueFamilyCheckpointProperties2NV-sType-sType

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