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The XrCompositionLayerFlagBits bitfield is specified as:

// Flag bits for XrCompositionLayerFlags
static const XrCompositionLayerFlags XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_CORRECT_CHROMATIC_ABERRATION_BIT = 0x00000001;
static const XrCompositionLayerFlags XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_BLEND_TEXTURE_SOURCE_ALPHA_BIT = 0x00000002;
static const XrCompositionLayerFlags XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_UNPREMULTIPLIED_ALPHA_BIT = 0x00000004;


XrCompositionLayerFlags specify options for individual composition layers.

Flag Descriptions
  • XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_CORRECT_CHROMATIC_ABERRATION_BIT — Enables chromatic aberration correction when not done by default.

  • XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_BLEND_TEXTURE_SOURCE_ALPHA_BIT — Enables the layer texture alpha channel.

  • XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_UNPREMULTIPLIED_ALPHA_BIT — Indicates the texture color channels have not been premultiplied by the texture alpha channel.

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