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The XrFrameEndInfo structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrFrameEndInfo {
    XrStructureType                               type;
    const void*                                   next;
    XrTime                                        displayTime;
    XrEnvironmentBlendMode                        environmentBlendMode;
    uint32_t                                      layerCount;
    const XrCompositionLayerBaseHeader* const*    layers;
} XrFrameEndInfo;


Member Descriptions
  • type is the XrStructureType of this structure.

  • next is NULL or a pointer to the next structure in a structure chain. No such structures are defined in core OpenXR.

  • displayTime is the XrTime at which this frame should be displayed.

  • environmentBlendMode is the XrEnvironmentBlendMode value representing the desired environment blend mode for this frame.

  • layerCount is the number of composition layers in this frame. The maximum supported layer count is identified by XrSystemGraphicsProperties::maxLayerCount. If layerCount is greater than the maximum supported layer count then XR_ERROR_LAYER_LIMIT_EXCEEDED must be returned.

  • layers is a pointer to an array of XrCompositionLayerBaseHeader pointers.


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