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The XrSpatialAnchorPersistenceNameMSFT structure is the name associated with the XrSpatialAnchorMSFT in the spatial anchor store. It is used to perform persist and unpersist on an spatialAnchor in the spatial anchor store.

The XrSpatialAnchorPersistenceNameMSFT structure is defined as:

// Provided by XR_MSFT_spatial_anchor_persistence
typedef struct XrSpatialAnchorPersistenceNameMSFT {
} XrSpatialAnchorPersistenceNameMSFT;


Member Descriptions
  • name is a null terminated character array of size XR_MAX_SPATIAL_ANCHOR_NAME_SIZE_MSFT.


If an XrSpatialAnchorPersistenceNameMSFT with an empty name value is passed to any function as a parameter, that function must return XR_ERROR_SPATIAL_ANCHOR_NAME_INVALID_MSFT.

Valid Usage (Implicit)

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