C Specification

The xrGetSystem function is defined as:

// Provided by XR_VERSION_1_0
XrResult xrGetSystem(
    XrInstance                                  instance,
    const XrSystemGetInfo*                      getInfo,
    XrSystemId*                                 systemId);


Parameter Descriptions
  • instance is the handle of the instance from which to get the information.

  • getInfo is a pointer to an XrSystemGetInfo structure containing the application’s requests for a system.

  • systemId is the returned XrSystemId.


To get an XrSystemId, an application specifies its desired form factor to xrGetSystem and gets the runtime’s XrSystemId associated with that configuration.

If the form factor is supported but temporarily unavailable, xrGetSystem must return XR_ERROR_FORM_FACTOR_UNAVAILABLE. A runtime may return XR_SUCCESS on a subsequent call for a form factor it previously returned XR_ERROR_FORM_FACTOR_UNAVAILABLE. For example, connecting or warming up hardware might cause an unavailable form factor to become available.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
Return Codes
On success, this command returns

On failure, this command returns






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