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An OpenXR instance is an object that allows an OpenXR application to communicate with an OpenXR runtime. The application accomplishes this communication by calling xrCreateInstance and receiving a handle to the resulting XrInstance object.

The XrInstance object stores and tracks OpenXR-related application state, without storing any such state in the application’s global address space. This allows the application to create multiple instances as well as safely encapsulate the application’s OpenXR state since this object is opaque to the application. OpenXR runtimes may limit the number of simultaneous XrInstance objects that may be created and used, but they must support the creation and usage of at least one XrInstance object per process.

Physically, this state may be stored in any of the OpenXR loader, OpenXR API layers or the OpenXR runtime components. The exact storage and distribution of this saved state is implementation-dependent, except where indicated by this specification.

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