C Specification

The XrSwapchainSubImage structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrSwapchainSubImage {
    XrSwapchain    swapchain;
    XrRect2Di      imageRect;
    uint32_t       imageArrayIndex;
} XrSwapchainSubImage;


Member Descriptions
  • swapchain is the XrSwapchain to be displayed.

  • imageRect is an XrRect2Di representing the valid portion of the image to use, in pixels. It also implicitly defines the transform from normalized image coordinates into pixel coordinates. The coordinate origin depends on which graphics API is being used. See the graphics API extension details for more information on the coordinate origin definition. Note that the compositor may bleed in pixels from outside the bounds in some cases, for instance due to mipmapping.

  • imageArrayIndex is the image array index, with 0 meaning the first or only array element.


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