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To create an XrSwapchain object and an Android Surface object call:

// Provided by XR_KHR_android_surface_swapchain
XrResult xrCreateSwapchainAndroidSurfaceKHR(
    XrSession                                   session,
    const XrSwapchainCreateInfo*                info,
    XrSwapchain*                                swapchain,
    jobject*                                    surface);


Parameter Descriptions
  • session is an XrSession handle previously created with xrCreateSession.

  • info is a pointer to an XrSwapchainCreateInfo structure.

  • swapchain is a pointer to a handle in which the created XrSwapchain is returned.

  • surface is a pointer to a jobject where the created Android Surface is returned.


xrCreateSwapchainAndroidSurfaceKHR creates an XrSwapchain object returned in swapchain and an Android Surface jobject returned in surface. The jobject must be valid to be passed back to Java code using JNI and must be valid to be used with ordinary Android APIs for submitting images to Surfaces. The returned XrSwapchain must be valid to be referenced in XrSwapchainSubImage structures to show content on the screen. The width and height passed in XrSwapchainCreateInfo may not be persistent throughout the life cycle of the created swapchain, since on Android, the size of the images is controlled by the producer and possibly changes at any time.

The only function that is allowed to be called on the XrSwapchain returned from this function is xrDestroySwapchain. For example, calling any of the functions xrEnumerateSwapchainImages, xrAcquireSwapchainImage, xrWaitSwapchainImage or xrReleaseSwapchainImage is invalid.

When the application receives the XrEventDataSessionStateChanged event with the XR_SESSION_STATE_STOPPING state, it must ensure that no threads are writing to any of the Android surfaces created with this extension before calling xrEndSession. The effect of writing frames to the Surface when the session is in states other than XR_SESSION_STATE_VISIBLE or XR_SESSION_STATE_FOCUSED is undefined.

xrCreateSwapchainAndroidSurfaceKHR must return the same set of error codes as xrCreateSwapchain under the same circumstances, plus XR_ERROR_FUNCTION_UNSUPPORTED in case the function is not supported.

Valid Usage of XrSwapchainCreateInfo members
Valid Usage (Implicit)
Return Codes
On success, this command returns


On failure, this command returns








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